Script5 has been developed to be smart about data. Specifically how to organise it, then sort, filter and export it. Sure we do have fancy ajax auto complete fields and all that great stuff but the beauty is in the data itself.

Everything you want to provide for afiliates should be tagged. Tagging is extremely important. It empowers your tools. Now an affiliate looking for an 'asian bikini' gallery can find one in seconds across multiple cash programs.

Manage Link codes
Add all your sites and simply let affiliates grab links.

Add paysites

Hosted Galleries
Manage all your hosted galleries in minutes. The power of the Script5 system is in the way affiliate can sort, filter and then export your galleries in seconds.
Add galleries

All your banners can be uploaded and marked with tags, sites and sizes, so affiliate can find the exact one they are after fast!
Add bannerss

Flash Video
You can provide flash videos for both embeding in blogs and for tube sites owners to grab. Upload a video in .wmv / .mov / .mpeg or .flv and Script5 will process it into to flash an take 10 screencaps.

The videos can be exported in a delimited text file, tube site oners can pull directly your xml feed or individual videos can be embedded.
Add flash videos

Add and manage your potd's. You can use ftp or upload via Script5.

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Downloadable Content
Upload zips of content / promo packs.

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Manage Affiliates
Connect with your affiliates like never before. Sometimes logging on to the billing company just to find out who your affiliates are is a pain. Now you can look up emails / icq numbers directly from Script5 admin.

Manage your resource page to swap links and banners with other programs, reviews sites etc.

Add resources

Unified Login
Perhaps the greatest feature of Script5 is that affiliates have one login to many affiliate programs. Affiliates love speed! If an affiliate already has a Script5 login and sees you are also using Script5 for tools they know they can log in an grab tools in a few seconds.

Coming Soon

Peel ads, IM ads, Gallery builder, Morphing blog feeds, Geo ads and maps, any other ideas?







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